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Service to individuals

I offer the following services:

    Initial assessment and advice.
    1:1 therapy sessions.
    Therapy programmes.
    Regular reviews.

I work with children from pre-school to secondary age.

Assessment and therapy is usually carried out in your own home. This allows your child to be assessed in their natural communication environment. Your child's own interests can be adapted for therapy activities. It is important for parents/carers to join the sessions so they can continue to carry out the activities with their child. I can also visit your child's nursery or school if appropriate.

Service to schools

I can provide a reliable and flexible service to schools. The service can be tailored to meet each child's needs, or the needs of the school.

An initial assessment is usually necessary in order to determine the nature of the child's difficulties and what type of therapy may be suitable. Alternatively the case may be taken over from another therapist.

I can provide:

    Programmes to be carried out in school
    1:1 therapy sessions
    Paired or small group therapy sessions
    Regular reviews
    Training for staff

Liaison with NHS

If your child is already receiving input from the NHS it is usually in the child's best interest for both SLTs to collaborate, with parental permission. The SLTs can share assessment results and agree on a complementary approach. Some people choose to see an Independent SLT while they are waiting for an NHS appointment. Receiving Independent SLT does not affect your child's entitlement to NHS therapy.

Updated August 2017